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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  October 22, 2017 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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>> research is follow the same business as broadcasters. >> cash on the balance sheet going down while debt is going up. david: have a great weekend, continue with lauren simonetti in cashin n. >> i was stunned when i came to work yesterday morning at what i saw or remember congress doing. remember -- a member of congress listened in to a phone call from the president of the united states to a young wife and in his way try today express that opinion, it's a brave man, a fallen hero, he knew what he was getting himself into because he enlisted, there's no reason to enlist. he was where he wanted to be, exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken. that was the message, that it was message that was transmitted. it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in
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on that conversation. absolutely stuns me. and i thought at least that was sacred, so i still hope as you write your stories and i appeal to america that let's not maybe lost sacred in our society, a young man or young woman give our life. lauren: john kelly taking on federica wilson for criticizing phone call of fallen u.s. soldier. did the media go so far? i'm lauren simonetti, welcome to cashin n. gerri willis and jessica, good to see all of you. >> good morning. lauren: general was loud and
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clear, stop politicizing everything specially fallen soldiers, do you agree here? >> they have gone too far and they continue to go too far. last night, i am in the lounge in orlando airport and i'm watching 18 minutes of this man, i'm thinking it's tend of the story and the media has to walk it back and the congresswoman will have to walk it back and another network is on and breaking the threats of general, a gold star man and they are calling him racist, no matter what trump says or, do it's twisted like a pretzel. if it's good, it's bad and if it's bad it's worse. i don't think it will ever stop there. a momentum here that continue to go after him unfortunately. lauren: rachel, you think it would stap at our military, fallen u.s. soldier dying and serving our country, is there
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any no-go zone left? >> no, nothing seems to be sacred and i think the trump derangement syndrome is anything is fair game if it knocks down the president and advances the #resistancemovement. the interview, the press conference he gave was rivetting. there's hypocrisy in the media right now. patricia smith, her son sean smith a officer killed out in benghazi try today go out how hillary clinton lied to her in her face and treated like dirt by hillary clinton and the obama administration who has, who never gave her any answers and never returned phone calls and referred her to staffers and bureaucrats instead of answering questions directly. the media treated patricia like dirt. only fox news gave her platform
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to express frustration over circumstances in benghazi, very deep hypocrisy that we are seeing right now. lauren: congress congresswoman r quay -- federica wilson, she listened in the conversation. >> she was invited to. lauren: why would she say something and not let the family mourn? >> that was extremely disrespect and i'm sure that general kelly did not appreciate having to be at the press conference yesterday and to talk about his son and his experience which we all know he doesn't like to do. so this started with donald trump. i assume the congresswoman could have cooled her hills but politicization did not begin with her and, yes, of course the way that donald trump expressed
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himself is not traditional and i don't believe that he meant any harm but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have used sergeant johnson's name, for instance, instead of referring him as your guy, people thinking it's disinsensitive. you know that your father was a hero, but this began with donald trump and what general kelly brought up, he blamed democrats for politicizing this with khan at dnc, there were gold star families at dnc as rachel mentioned there, patricia smith and other benghazi smith, it's not just a left issue, the right has politicized this as well. lauren: why does it seem, jerry, the left is being tone-deaf and not appreciating or acknowledging the trust between the president, the commander in chief, the military, and the
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soldier, the fallen soldier. >> the left is getting a free ride from the media here. epic fail by the media in two accounts, first of all for taking the congresswoman's word when they hadn't heard the tapes, they had no idea whether she was wright or wrong or on the call at the time. they ran the information. a secondly and more importantly, they called every gold star family to find out what trump had been saying in the middle of grieving. if you don't show respect for the people that you're broadcasting to, writing for, you don't get respect back. that's the number one lesson of journalism. you have to tell people that you understand their lives and you're there to help. lauren: go ahead, gary. >> this isn't start this week, this started the day donald trump won the primary. they have been driving to the hoop. there are things that he has done that i've been upset. he has not been perfect. all he did was try to explain that the man, the soldier was
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brave and he used one sentence and i got news for you, if it was a different president, if pfs -- it was a different president barack obama -- >> gary, i have upmost respect for those who serve this country but i'm -- >> we all do. >> i'm curious to know what your reaction if president obama had stood up at left turn and sat there at press conference and said i do better than past presidents, george bush didn't call anybody. you would have gone after him. >> jessica, i did not like that and i called him on that when donald trump -- >> the media is out to get him. donald trump buries himself every single time. >> that's the problem. lauren: rachel, the media gets this wrong often. remember when the --
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>> the really beautiful phone call that was just released by -- i can't remember the name of the gold star mom, but she actually had a recording of it and donald trump sounded entirely come compassionate and remember, general kelly advised donald trump not to make these calls, he said they are difficult. it's hard to come up with what to say and donald trump the president said, no, i think it's the right thing to do. does he not get credit for that? >> shouldn't we be focused on the soldiers here that lost their lives, the green berets. this is what we should be talking about and focused on and allow the families time to grieve for goodness sake and we are not doing that. lauren: let's bring up who the soldiers are. you're looking at army sergeant la david johnson, justin, five years ago, on any given night,
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almost 75,000 veterans experienced homelessness. we have reduced those numbers by almost half, but despite the great progress that we have achieved, there are still too many veterans who still need a place to live. this project is a comprehensive rehabilitation of the center's facility here in downtown boston to create permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and service spaces, a facility that really delivers on society's commitment to people who have served in the military. citi® was the financial partner because they were able to come with the resources, both the capital resources and also the human resources, the experts in their fields, and without citi's partnership we probably would not be here where we are right now. the goal for us at this project is to be more effective in the services that we provide so that veterans who have committed to put their lives at risk to protect this country have a home in this country.
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lauren: businesses across america making bids, they want amazon to build headquarters in metro area. here are a few examples, new york city turning empire building and one world strayed center orange, amazon orange, get it? a town in georgia to change its name to amazon. other places offering up to $7 billion in tax breaks u tax breaks for amazon. jerry willis says it's a waste. >> why are we giving subsidies for the company, much less the wealthiest company on the planet. take a look at the numbers. state of new jersey says, for example, we will give you $7 billion to come to our state, the company says we are going to create 50,000 jobs, $140,000 per job. i don't know about you but i don't trust the states to do the
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math right. these guys guys are drunken sai, higher bid after higher bid, you know who is going to get crushed with this, taxpayer ifs it doesn't work out, you and me and everybody watching the show. lauren: rachel, $3 billion is what wisconsin gave to get foxconn, why not amazon? >> that's right, foxconn came to wisconsin because we have a business-friendly state, but i will tell you this, let me give you another perspective gerri, if you're a parent or grandparent whose kids and grandkids can now stay in wisconsin because there are better and higher-paying jobs, that's priceless. main purpose of -- >> it's not priceless. there's a price for everything. that's the question you have to ask. >> gerri, if it's your grand kid and they get to stay --
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>> don't give me that. >> that's what we want companies to do. >> of course, we want companies to create jobs but we don't want to give away the store to get it. lauren: do you think there's a loss of regional identity when a big company comes in and basically takes over? not to mention wherever they decide to set up shop, it's going to be look like a construction zone for years not the mention the traffic jams, just saying? >> no downside for this. if i'm a mayor of a city or governor of the state, i give away the candy store. they are going to go to restaurants, they are going to need more restaurants, the highering be gets hiring and you can change the playing field of a city, not so much in a big city like new york but middle-size city can change in such a way. >> wait a minute. have you ever heard of olympics, how many olympics went overbudget every single one of
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them. we get the numbers wrong time and time and time again. look, i'm all in favor of creating jobs, let's just do it the right way. lauren: jessica, the point here, the bottom line is that amazon doesn't need the money. in the last quarter they had $38 billion in revenue. they are known for spending money. they are the everything company, do they need tax break in your opinion? >> do they need, no. but i think this is also just great -- seeing all the mayors posting videos and the themes that people are coming up with and ideas like we are going to change the name of the city if you come here, i think it's kind of a great national story which amazon is for america. my concern is about smaller businesses which is obviously been an issue with amazon as they become the everything place and with what's happening to mom and pop shops, not as much what's going on, new york, largely adapted to it but that is my general concern here. i have no kids or grandkids but
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i would like them to stay near me so rachel i'm with you on that and gary i'm glad that we agreed on something, that's a first. lauren: amazon, basically pushed so many mom and pops out of business but now if they set up major headquarters a lot of mom and pop headquarters surrounding can see businesses boom because you have tens of thousands of people now working in the area. >> moms and pops can work for a hundred thousand dollars a year. >> a lot of money for mom and pop. >> don't forget the other part of equation, amazon moves in, you can magnetized other companies and more companies going and then you have a cycle there. >> amazon employs mom and pop, that's the people who populate the website, small businesses. lauren: real quickly. bids are in, we won't know until next year, what are your guesses for which cities are going to win, jessica, i will start with you? >> i don't really know. i feel that there's a texas mayor who made this amazing video that like lit up orange
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from his desk and i don't know, something in texas. lauren: lights aren't going to get you amazon, though, gary. >> pittsburgh. lauren: rachel. >> i think it would be a republican-run state because they are more business friendly. >> of course, you think that rachel. >> not new york because the mayor blasted amazon today. lauren: de blasio has never bought anything on amazon in his life. coming up, everybody u an elmentrary school playing a mean trick on kids this halloween by canceling, canceling their annual costume parade and how many parents are blaming political correctness for the move, we want to know what you think in a bit. >> how do you like your costume? >> parade. >> oh oh no, they canceled parade.
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powerful name in news, the fox news channel. lauren: the pc party poopers, they struck again, elementary school massachusetts canceling annual halloween parade this year, the principal say it is event is not inclusive to all students, rachel, you a lot of kids. [laughter] lauren: we will go to you first. why? how? >> liberals, everything, scouting, christmas, issues being imposed on our children. if you don't want your kid for
7:53 am
whatever reason, religion, the fun for the rest of us. lauren: gary, what do you think? >> i cannot find a costume wearing to be a moron, that's the best way to explain it. i just don't understand. there is a template right now, that's the way it is. [laughter] >> as i get older. >> like the high-end costume. i hope everyone heard that.
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[laughter] >> be any color, whatever, it doesn't matter. >> they did not return our phone call. >> garri will find out. >> i think this is all about the teachers. they don't want kids on a sugar high, they don't want to deal with it. lauren: maybe banning the candy, allowing the costume, they talk for months about what they're going to be this year. clowns and wonder woman are very popular this year. you want to wrap this up for us,
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rachel? >> liberals are going to be happy until they tear down every tradition in the country. it would be sad. [laughter] >> i love jessica. lauren: and we even bring politics to the most fun holiday of the entire year, thanks guys. coming up, if you think you missed the dow's run-up to 23,000, someone here has the stock that has a long way to run. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone money managers are pretty much the same. all but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them.
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president obama it would be headline of the day. >> the economy is his achievement. president obama was amazing, also president trump will intensify his attacks on the nfl this weekend, we saw roger goodell say that they want everybody to stand for the anthem but they don't have to and i think you will see a lot more people kneeling. >> liable suits against major news organizations, why because the federal elections commission chairwoman says, hey, let's have the government decide what fake news is, slippery-slope, a lot of trouble. that's what i say. lauren: gary, wrap this up for us? >> dow up 23,000, new guy on the block, he's going to unlock the value over the next couple of years, 4% dividend. getting close to low here. lauren: i want to say thank you to all of you our catchen -- cashin' in crew. have a great weekend, america, i will see you on fox business
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